Vegan spirit



Anastasia´s Vegan Spirit





Prepísaný text pre preklad: 


Everything growing in the ground carries in itself a psychic energy. To be healthy, one must feed ones self with lovingly grown prodece. (Book 6)


What good is there in drinking, smoking, senseless and harmful digestion of such a huge quantity of animal meat, when there are so many splendid plants created especially for Man´s nourishment. (Book 1)


During the Vedic age both Man and his household pest were vegetarians, and never ate meat - they would not even think of it. The tremendous variety of lants around were able to supply Man´s taste abundantly - not only his, but that of the animals surrounding him. (B6 Ch.5 pp 114)


Why should anyone eat meat when all around them a whole lot of easily degestible, high-enery food was available? (B6 Ch. 7 pp 191)


It was the nomads that introduced meat to the world. There was hardly any edible fruit to fend for in the prarie-lands and deserts they moved about in, and this is why they ended up killing cattle. (B6 Ch.7 pp191)


Meat was first consumed by a less-than-complete Man, one drained of the energy of Love. It seems that he either went out of his mind or was infected with the most terrible disease a disease which has come down to the resent day. (B8.2 Ch.6 pp60)


It is the ranks of historians today, in their efforts to please the powers that be, who say that Pristine Man was once stupid, that this Man killed animals, ate their meat in a frenzy and dressed himself in their skins. A Monstrous lie is necessary to people trying to cover up their monstrous deeds. (B6 Ch.5 pp 121) 


Every Man of the Vedic culture was fully aware that what he consumed as food not only fed the body, but filled the soul with conscious awareness. At the same time it conveyed information directly to him from all the world of the Universe. (B6 Ch.5 pp 14)


They did not eat meat at all. They could not even imagine such a thing. They were friends with the animals. Their daily diet was varied enough, but it was strictly vegetarian. Who can come up with a single recipe from ancient Russian cuisine that even mentioned meat? No one! (B6 Ch7 pp 191) 


As for animals, they took from them only what the animals themselves gave to Man - milk and eggs, for example. (Book 8.2) 


Useful food provided to Man by animals included milk, only not from just any animal. Man selected only those that were considered kind, tender and keen of mind - those who demonstrated an eagerness to offer Man what they produced. (B6 Ch5 pp 141) 


Man would not attempt to drink the milk of any animal that did not want to share it with him. (B6 Ch.5 pp 141) 


There is a direct connection between love and Man´s first consumption of meat. A Man living in love is incapable of killling. (B8 2Ch. 6 pp 60)